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Welcome to Westchester Ave Carwash & Lube, Inc.

Hand of a guy cleaning the side door of a car Westchester Ave Carwash & Lube, Inc. aims for perfection! We want you to drive out of our shop with a car that looks like brand new, smells like brand new and runs like a well-oiled machine.

We offer express car washes, full service car washes, change oil (every three months or every 7,500 miles of mileage) and other car care services. Our team can handle all makes and models – whatever kind of four-wheel that you drive in will be given the VIP treatment only Westchester Ave Carwash & Lube, Inc. can give.

About Us

We also have fresh coffee, hot chocolate, and tea for free!

  • TIRERotation

    Maximize the Life of Your Tiles
    • Tires Should be Rotated Every 7,000 Miles
    • Tires will be Rotated According to Your Vehicle and Tire Manufacture’s Recommended Pattern

    In Just 20 Minutes
    • Restores Beauty & Shine
    • Increased Visibility at Night
    • Improves Safety & Value
    • Long Lasting Results
  • CABIN FILTERReplacement

    Protect Yourself, Your Passengers and Your HVAC System!

    There are lot of contaminants out there that can get into your passenger cabin. Drawn in through your vehicle’s HVAC System, they can make your cabin a less healthy, less comfortable place. These contaminants can be up to six times more concentrated inside your vehicle than out.


Westchester Ave Carwash & Lube, Inc. provides no-nonsense car care services at affordable prices and of the most impeccable quality.



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