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Mini Detail

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Car detailing is a great way to get that showroom shine without spending a lot of money. Generally taking about 30 minutes per service, these can be done after your car has been washed. These services include the following:

Armorall Complete

Includes: Super Wash, Armorall In/Out or Leather Protector, Premium Tire Shine, Free Ultimate Rain-X

  • Cars – $43.99 plus tax
  • Taxi Fee – $39.99 plus tax
  • Taxi SUV -$43.99 plus tax
  • SUV van and truck – $48.99 plus tax

$43.99 + Tax

Express Wax

Includes: Full Service Wash, Hand Buffed, Premium Tire Shine”Protect your vehicle and make it shine. This service also includes a quick vacuum and cleaning of your windows.”

  • Cars – $39.99 plus tax
  • SUV van and truck – $44.99 plus tax

$39.99 + Tax

Express In/Out

Includes: Super Wash, Express Wax Package, Armorall Complete Package, Premium Tire Shine, Free Ultimate Rain-X

  • Regular Cars – $63.99 plus tax
  • Taxi fee – $59.99 plus tax
  • Taxi SUV- $63.99 plus tax
  • SUV vans and truck extra ( no price na ibutang)

$63.99 + Tax

Carpet Express

Includes: Full Service Wash, Floor Shampoo, Floor Mats, Premium Tire Shine”Make your carpets look and feel new again with a thorough cleaning. We will spot treat and stains prior to cleaning.”

$89.99 + Tax

Upholstery Shampoo

Includes: Vacuum & Shampoo, Cloth Upholstery, Includes Full Service Car Wash & Tire Shine

$89.99 + Tax

shampoo / Wax

Hand Wax, Machine Wax
Includes: Full Service Wash, Plastic Mats Wash & Premium Tire Shine

$169.99 + Tax

Exterior Detail

Full Service Wash, Hand Wax or Machine Wax, Clean & Treat Ext. Molding, Premium Tire Shine

$89.99 + Tax

Headlight Restoration

Restore Beauty & Shine, Increased Vivibe at Night, Improves Safety & Value, Long Lasting Results

$44.99 + Tax

Interior Detail

Includes: Full Service Wash, Full Shampoo Interior, Premium Tire Shine”The interior of your vehicle will receive a thorough vacuuming. Your door jams will be cleaned, your windows will be washed and your dashboard will be cleaned.”

$149.99 + Tax

Complete Detailing

Interior Shampoo, Exterior Hand Wax / Machine Wax, Compound, clay, Include Full Service Wash

$279.99 + Tax

Oversized vehicles will have an additional fee per service. Oversized vehicles include SUV’s and Minivans. The price will vary depending on the condition of the vehicle.